Asyiqmuslim Exclusive was established in Sepang, Malaysia in 2007.
After several years of success in introducing and strengthening the company's position in the market, Asyiqmuslim Exclusive was registered as an Enterprise in 2011 and then officially registered as a Private Limited Company in 2016 in line with growth and company development.
Asyiqmuslim Exclusive focuses on producing premium quality sportswear and designing lifestyle' clothing for women to have a decent yet sporty look, as well as meeting the sharia’ compliant features that bring the uniqueness of the Asyiqmuslim brand to the domestic and global markets. Current target market 50% for local demand and 50% for South-East Asia.
Our tagline is “WE CREATE CHEMISTRY”
This tagline is a basis of business operation in Asyiqmuslim Exclusive Sdn Bhd in terms of the relationship with customers. This is because, Asyiqmuslim wants every customer to get maximum satisfaction through an exciting experience as well as be able to inspire anyone who wears this activewear, regardless of age group.